Question: Should I Get An Illuminated Scope?

Just like I said in the intro to this section, these scopes are battle tested and used by multiple military forces around the world. The Burris XTR was actually developed to be used on large caliber rifles during vehicle transports and patrols. These scopes are no joke and offer some of the highest levels of durability on this list.

For our . 50 BMG fans, pick one of these up and clobber the hell out of it! I want to know if you’ll ever even get to reap the benefits of the lifetime warranty with how tough this thing is. It even comes with a reinforced tube which is roughly 25% thicker than standard 34mm tubes and is completely purged for water and fog proofing.

The glass found in this scope is beautifully crystal clear. I made several comparisons to other high-end scopes with similar magnification and this was on par or equivalent at maximum magnification. TLDR: This scope is one of the top choices for long range shooters all over the world and comes with unmatched durability, incredible light transmission, and very user-friendly capped turrets.

If top-class performance without ridiculous price tags is what you’re after, stop right here and pick this bad boy up! Lume multi-lens coating for optimized target resolution and low light performance ability – Zero click stop adjustment knobs with 1/8” MOA precision adjustments – F-Class MOA illuminated reticle – One of the most durable long-range scopes on the market – Lifetime warranty no questions asked17. Barska AO Mil-Dot (Ultra Cheap)Focal Plane: SFP Models: 10-4050Note: With this scope, keep in mind that you generally get what you pay for.

My Review: The Varmint line from Barska is built to focus upon exactly what the name suggests. These aren’t critically precise long-range competition-ready scopes but they will help clear your fields of pesky little critters while maintaining respect for your bank account. The scope is waterproof and completely sealed offering a great deal of durability in case you get caught in the rain during your prairie dog apocalypse.

In full disclosure, this scope does feel cheap and will not pass off as a more expensive scope when you show your buddies! The scope is capable of magnification power 40x, however, the glass is not nearly high quality enough to provide crystal clear sight pictures at its highest levels of power, so keep in mind.

Clarity is just fine between the 10x and 20x settings and becomes exponentially foggier the further past 20x you get. It is, however, a perfect “Get R’ Done” set of optics that will likely help guide you in what you would like to purchase out of better optics.

The Barksa Varmint is a good place to start if you don’t want to empty your savings account on something you’re unsure about. Barska is also not made in the US but rather in China, which isn’t a deal-breaker but I always tend to enjoy the US-made products a bit more.

Notable Features:- Mil-Dot reticle – Fog proof – Waterproof – 1” tube – 1/8 click MOA adjustments – Parallax adjustments – Multicoated lenses for increased light transmission – Includes lens caps – One of the cheapest long-range capable scopes available – Lifetime warranty (double-check sellers product page)Expectations at Each Price RangeBudget Bin: Long Range Scopes Under $500If long range to you means sending your AR15 5. 56s out to 400m, these scopes will probably work for you.

That will hopefully allow it to keep its signal strength as it moves into the poorer coverage area. In general, the Tactacams have found full 5 bars of 4G within 15 seconds upon being powered on. We are located near Clinton, MO, which is about an hour south of Kansas City.

Lastly, the camera can still be used as a normal trail camera if you don’t pay for a data plan. This is great!Honestly, the cons are minimal, but there are definitely a couple things I’ve noticed. The first is with the data plans. I may need to do some more research on this, but so far it appears you have to pick one overall plan that applies to all your cameras.