LRStar: LR(*) parser generator

An LRTEC software product

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"Many thanks for LRStar.  I used to use flex/bison for my DSLs.  I'm working on a project which requires the fastest possible lexer/scanner for DSL (part of my web-server).  I can get it [the speed] only with LRStar.  In my opinion, TBNF is the best grammar notation I've ever seen."

Sergey Kuritsin, PhD, Yekaterinburg, Russia

"LRStar seems quite professionally built.  About parser and lexer speed, I'm literally impressed.  I'm finding this kind of parser generator suitable for parsers that I'm working on (high-speed server-side processing).  It works great for my purpose even on 64-bit machines with Linux and Mac OS X, compiled with GCC and Intel CPP compiler."

Vasko Mitanov, Software R&D Department Manager at Skopski Pazar, Romania

"I just happened upon your very high quality lexer and parser generators.  Firstly, I'm really impressed with the capabilities of your generator.  I've toyed a bit with Bison/Yacc, and in my opinion, yours is far superior.  I am finding LRStar particularly easy to use and quite powerful.  The ability to build the AST [automatically] ... really makes things easy for me.  On my machine, I am getting an insane number of lines per second, in the numerous hundreds of thousands."

Bill Hart, PhD, Warwick University, UK

"I really like the LRStar tool (compared to yacc/bison).  I prefer the simplicity of LRStar.  I did a re-write using another parser generator, but the speed of their parser is at least an order of magnitude slower than LRStar [parsers] which was quite surprising.  I am certain you have a good, maybe even a great, product."

Sidney Worth, PhD, Active Education

"We used your LALR product to build the compiler in Lotus Notes [in 1993] and it's been very successful, over 135,000,000 users now."

Kevin Jackson, IBM Software Group

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