LRSTAR: LR(*) parser generator


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Comparison: LRSTAR vs ANTLR vs Bison

LL(*) Parsers (recursive descent) no yes no
LALR(1) Parsers (less powerful) yes no yes
Minimal LR(1) Parsers (more powerful) yes no yes
Canonical LR(1) Parsers (slower, much larger) no no yes
LR(*) Parsers (most powerful) yes no no
GLR Parsers (most powerful, uses more memory)   no no yes
YACC-style grammar compatibility 80% no 100%
EBNF grammar notation yes yes no
Grammar is independent from code yes yes no
Symbol-Table Builder yes yes no
Automatic AST Construction yes parse treeno
C++ Output yes good luckyes
C# Output no ??? no
Java Output no yes yes

Comparison of Flex, DFA and RE2C:


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