LRStar: LR(*) parser generator

An LRTEC software product

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Comparison of Flex, DFA and RE2C:


Comparison of LRStar to others:

LRStar 9.0 ANTLR 4.0 Bison 2.7
LL(*) Parsers no yes no
Minimal LR(1) Parsers yes no yes
Nondeterministic LR(k) Parsersyes no no
GLR Parsers no no yes
Recursive Descent Parsers no yes no
Small Table-Driven Parsers yes no yes
EBNF Operators (*,+,?) yes yes no
Symbol-Table Builder yes yes no
Automatic AST Construction yes parse tree no
C++ Output yes yes yes
C# Output no yes no
Java Output no yes yes
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